The Hunt for Corona

To all victims of COVID-19, a virus that, alas, has achieved something many states have not: it has spread equality without regard to gender, color, or status.

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    The Blurb of the Book

    Daphne, a girl with a chaplet of flowers woven around her braided hair and an overflowing passion for life that is reciprocated back to her, is oblivious to the existence of a heartbroken wooer who is fervently spitting heat like an active volcano. This gives rise to her tragedy; for not all love is mutual.

    She vanishes into the human masses, endeavoring to conceal herself from Apollo, but her getaway makes his heart grow even fonder. Not only has he endured the bitterness of being repelled, but this insolence has become a challenge that must be won. He is determined to try, even if it leads to her eradication . . . for some infatuation kills.

    To reveal her location, he fires a volley of arrows at her, tipped with an infinitesimal yet detrimental curse. However, these arrows for a dubious cause will expose humans instead—what lies on and beneath the surface, their virtues and vices, their angst and yearnings.

    Among thousands of stories that reflect human anguish in the era of Corona, this collection of stories lifts the curtain on twelve of them. The hunt continues: Corona’s hunt for humans’ demise, humans’ hunt for a Corona remedy, and Apollo’s hunt for Daphne’s acceptance. The hunt unwaveringly continues. . .

    The Stories of the Collection
  • Prologue
  • Old Buddies Club
  • A Battle on Two Fronts
  • Wingless Plane
  • Nightfall Visitor
  • Buy & Squander Store
  • Sacred Mission
  • The Flutist
  • The Language of Eyes
  • A Journey for Indulgence
  • Familial Decision
  • By the Roadside
  • Reunion Soiree
  • Epilogue
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    Meet The Author

    Fahad Alfalasi grew up in Dubai, UAE, where its serene undulating creek converges the charm of the East with the progressive West.

    Fahad’s childhood passion for reading drove him to aim for the other end of the rainbow – the sibylline world of writing.

    As a legal advisor, the unlimited skies of fiction provide solace from the rigor of the practice of law.

    After a few publications, owing to the busyness of life, his work underwent a long pause, but the COVID-19 crisis that jolted the planet reignited his old flame, inspiring him to explore mankind’s eeriness and expectations.

    The Hunt of Corona is Fahad’s first flash fiction collection.

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